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   Traditional Usage; It is well documented that the Australian Aborigines have used Emu Oil both topically and internally for thousands of years. The use of Emu Oil as a topical emollient was first recorded by G. Bennett, " Gatherings of a naturalist in Australasia" London: John Van Voorst, Paternoster: 1860).

   Emu Oil-Its Anti-Inflammatory Properties"- Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation Report; RIRDC Publication No. 99/133; RIRDC Project No DAW-82A; Dr John M. Snowden. Compared Emu Oil to Prednisolone.

  "Emu Oil (s): A Source of Non-Toxic Transdermal Anti-Inflammatory Agents in Aboriginal Medicine"; Inflammopharmacology. 1998; 6: 1-8. ? 1997 Kluwer Academic Publishers. Printed in the Netherlands. Drs: M.W. Whitehouse, A.G Turner, C.K.C Davis and M.S Roberts. Highlighted the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of Emu Oil. Emu Spirit Oil of Emu was the most active Emu Oil tested. This research further showed Emu Oil's superior anti-inflammatory properties when compared to Flaxseed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Fish Oil.

  Fatty Acids; Dr Margaret Craig-Schmidt, Dr Michael Wellesley Whitehouse PhD in Chemistry University Oxford and MP Ghosh for article " Evaluation of Emu Oil for Anti-inflammatory Actives": "Oleic acid; the largest primary fatty acid found, These findings are consistent with the recommendations for a heart healthy diet and have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular disease. A skin cell regenerator and preserver and besides providing local anti-inflammatory effects, it can also induce a long lasting state of pain relief in the local area. An epidemic transporter of bioactive compounds that conducts them through the layer of the skin down to muscle tissue. Omega 6 fatty acids; necessary as building blocks for very powerful compounds, prostaglandins in the body. The balancing of prostaglandins in the body serves to control and ease the effects of arthritis. Omega 3 fatty acid; another important fatty acid contains EPA & DHE, which are critical in the fight against heart disease. Linolenic acid; present in large quantities in emu oil and is known to ease muscle ache, joint pain and have anti-inflammatory properties.

  The linolenic acid in emu oil has anti-inflammatory properties that will substantially reduce the pain and inflammation of arthritis (rheumatoid and osteoarthritis)"."Evaluation of Emu Oil in Lubrication and Treatment of Healed Burn Wounds"; M. Penturf, PhD.,RD; S.O'Banion, RPh; and, J. Griswold, MD. Compiled from Research by Harner Burn Centre ( Affiliated with the Texas Tech University Medical Centre in Lubbock) and delivered to the American indicated the potential for Emu Oil to assist in scar reduction and healing associated with burns.

  Epitherialised Wounds; " Emu Oil-A Clinical Appraisal of this Natural and Long Used Product" for use on Epitherialised Wounds by Dr G H Hobday;" Emu oil has demonstrated scar reduction and anti-inflammatory action. Speeds up the healing process from surgery and burns by reducing inflammation, preventing scarring and soothing pain. Emu Oil is sterile and hence can be used in an open area of the skin. It reduce irritation in eczema, the scarring of keloids and has advantages in skin grafting".

  Comedogencity; Dermatology Department, Occupational Dermatology Laboratory at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston in 1993.

  Unlike other oils emu oil does not clog up the pores of the skin of cause acne. A more effective skin treatment that will enable the emollients to penetrate the skin's surface and have greater impact without greasy residue, a boom for the cosmetics industry. Similarly, it is more active than water based creams that do not penetrate the skin barrier.

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