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【Capacity】115 g

        This product is different from the modern mechanical chemical soap, the use of effective natural active bio-oil (emu oil) and vegetable oil (olive oil), and plant seeds Death Sapindus extract ingredients, chilling system bus disinfection, the use of traditional handmade methods and refined. This product does not contain any alkali, preservatives, flavors, colors, and chemical raw materials, quality assurance is truly 100% natural.
        The product after cleansing the skin highlighting transparent, lubrication, bright, moisturizing, delicate, silky refreshing firmness; and its active ingredients deep under the skin to eliminate residues of cosmetics and metabolism, as well as foreign dust, dirt, and effectively eliminate inflammation and allergic phenomena; against acne acne, redness, pimples, blackheads, etc. play a role in inhibition and repair; while olive oil is rich in squalene, can enhance the skin oxygen supply system, enhance facial cell activity, and promote cell metabolism, fight wrinkles and spots, enhance skin anti-aging ability.
        This product is 100% natural, it gets into the mouth harmless, such as emu oil soap transparent white tasteless, without any alkaline taste, flavor and preservatives flavor. Did not open the plastic shelf life of three years shelf life two years after opening, durability, three to six months.

        We do not recommend the use of any excess cleanser and shower gel, because it contains titanium dioxide, strongly alkaline, petroleum attached to products, heavy metals and corrosive sodium hydroxide and other chemicals, as well as cleansers and shower gel contained in the "Interface active agent "cleansing shower after dip in slippery layer on the face and body punch can not afford much water can flush, so long-term use cleanser and shower gel be harmful to the skin, reducing the skin's immune system, causing a variety of skin disease.
        For those who prefer to use the big brands of high-quality skincare lady more need to match [100% Natural Australian Emu Oil Soap Deep] and [100% pure natural Australian Aloe essence] instead of "cleanser and lotion."
1、This product is the first use of small bubbles, one after the beginning of the normal two.
2、After cleansing once every one to two times, with room temperature water or warm water cleansing better. Suitable for young and old, people with a variety of skin quality.

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