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        Food and Drug Administration by the Australian TGA study confirmed: can ensure the normal skin metabolism, and promote tissue healing damaged skin, protect the skin normal gene substance is an enzyme, once the deletion, the skin will decrease antibody, the skin will break even genetic variation skin metabolism disorder also caused excessive proliferation of epidermal cells, thickened, dry, scaly skin into a large accumulation, the formation of dandruff. The emu skin infections and often scratched breeding parasites, but will soon heal damaged skin tissue recovered intact. Emu oil contains precisely because this enzyme is to ensure that the key to healthy skin material. It was confirmed that the enzyme called BCG Yin nuclease, can inhibit the regeneration of skin rashes and eradicates spots and repair skin redness critical substances, not only can quickly penetrate the skin ringworm deep, rapid repair broken mutant cells, better healing of the skin immune system vulnerabilities and restore normal skin metabolism, repair redness in the skin immune barrier environment, fundamentally prevent viruses, antibodies and immune restoration redness and prevent recurrence.

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