Our company has been operating since its inception in 1992.With our sophisticated manufacturing facilities coupled with our world-class specialists in the field of skin and health care, this combination undoubtedly has Australia Poon's International Holding Group ahead of its competitors.
  In conjunction with Australia Poon's International Holding Group's modern equipment, our complete online system has the largest database to serve customers needs.
  We are the only company that combines production and international trade in Australia.
We specialize in advising, sourcing and exporting ... ...
(1) Quality Fungtional food series products, Skin care and Cosmetics, Essential oils, Emu oil products, and Aloe
     Vera products.
(2) Advanced beauty and therapeutic equipment / apparatus.
(3) We manufacture to your specifications (e.g. OEM).
(4) Australian & Chinese International Business Investment Service.
   Since the commencement of the business our focus is on the development of the long-term foundation for the company products to expand and be driven toward a worldwide multi range and efficiently managed. This multi range enables Australia Poon's International Holding Group.
     Australia Poon's International Holding Group branch of China in Asian region was formerly established 21st April 2003.Our headquarters are located in Guangzhou, our show rooms are located in Exhibition Center of Guangzhou and Exhibition Center of Shanghai.
   We are approved by the Chinese Corporate Industry & Commerce Registration Department, the registration fund is $1 million.