To keep healthy, to eliminate the "sub healthy"

Health and longevity is everyone's desire and pursuit, health is wealth.

銆銆In 1977, who WHO the health concept as "not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, but the body, psychological and social adaptation of the perfect state". In the modern society can meet the health standards of people only about 15%. The human body in the transitional stage between health and disease called sub health. Sub health is a state that no substantive changes, but the subjective has many uncomfortable symptoms, but the hospital examination failed to find the real problem, doctors are not a good way to treat, a condition called sub healthy state.

銆銆The sub health not to disease transformation, not seeking, but save himself, in addition to actively develop "diet, living habit of often", scientifically to supplement the body needs energy and to strengthen the important functions of the body, especially the viscera, cell, blood gas, antioxidant, anti-aging, this is his "a way of keeping good health".

銆銆Therefore, in order to effectively in the "sub health" has not appeared or just put it out, the Australian TGA SFDA the efficacy of health care products in the regulatory system as important drug administration and drug, specifically for the sub healthy state of physical discomfort and common people, health products strictly to the TGA Registration No. medicine the regulation, and market supervision, all the functions of health care products must be produced in the process of GMP strictly, the lowest intake on each day (every particle content) are clearly defined, making it different from the low levels of health food.

銆銆When the Australian doctors will in effect of health care products completely lost function to the human body disease is strictly used drugs, because they know that drugs may bring about negative effects on the human body.