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銆銆According to the health of each person different, taking supplements may have more or less reaction, called dizziness reaction, better reaction. Some people take health care products after a period of time, thought is a side and panic in response, in fact this is not the side effect, but a better response, Chinese medicine called "dizziness reaction". The response is usually at 3 -7 days disappear. Of course, not everyone has this kind of phenomenon, but it differs from man to man. But in any case, do not make the illness has deteriorated, but shows its own bad health, so no need to panic, but, sometimes better reaction does not happen immediately, but it occurs over a period of time after you eat, there is not a whole department, but gradually in different place. People with this condition may have long plagued, usually 2 - 3 weeks or more. The Australian medical experts in recent years, the effectiveness of health care products after taking the response of many aspects and experiments: the response of improvement is not side effect, good turn response disappears, the body will become more relaxed, healthy, mental state, greatly enhance the resistance and immunity ability, most likely diseases will recover for illness without medical help.

The body symptoms induced better reaction
01. acidic physique: daytime drowsiness, dry throat shezao, frequent micturition, fart.
02. hypertensive subjects: head has the heavy feeling, dizziness phenomenon will last a week or two.
03. Although anemia due to physical vary, but there will be minor nosebleeds.
04. the stomach is not good: the chest of nausea, fever feeling, do not eat food.
05. gastric ulcer person: ulcer site there will be pain, stuffy feeling.
06. ptosis of the stomach: stomach uncomfortable, want to vomit.
07. im not good: diarrhea of the phenomenon, the disease varies according to.
08. bad liver: liver area pain, skin itching or a rash phenomenon.
09. liver cirrhosis: defecation, sometimes with blood or blood clots.
10. kidney disease: reduction of proteinuria, sometimes there are swelling of the face, or fat, or a minor foot
      swelling etc..
11. diabetes: sometimes temporarily increase the sugar excretion, and edema phenomenon.
12. early acne will increase, but after the two or three week will disappear.
13. hemorrhoids: defecation, sometimes a bleeding or blood phenomenon.
14. chronic bronchitis: a dry mouth, vomiting, dizziness, not easy to cough up sputum phenomenon.
15. bad lung: cough, sputum, microstrip yellow milk.
16. sinusitis: sometimes increase the mucus, and nose appear purulent thick.
17. skin allergy: initial itchy skin disease exacerbated, differ from man to man, sustainable for several days, or
      weeks, then slow down.
18. the uterus is not good: early menstrual quantity increase, or dysmenorrhea, or clot eduction.
19. white blood cells too few: dry mouth, dreaminess, upset stomach.
20. muscle, nerve pain: short term pain intensified, according to the severity of symptoms, gradually slow down.
21. rheumatic pain: the patient may have a slight pain, a few days or two or three weeks will disappear.
22. months: gout, wind will have systemic weakness or pain, but after a few days will disappear.
23. systemic ache, according to the degree of symptom, appear different reaction.
24. neurosis: not only can not sleep, but appeared excited phenomenon, please change the food in the morning.

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