Herbal Treatment Alert

To like women with traditional Chinese medicine recuperates the body warning

銆銆Greenpeace China sixty-five herbal samples were the most commonly tested and found, most medicines contain pesticide residues, banned pesticides and some samples

銆銆The report says, more than twenty-five kinds of pesticide residues detected in some of these products, compared with some residual standard and who, exceed the standard up to hundred times, to "very dangerous" level.

銆銆Taking the main risk which contains high pesticide residues in Chinese herbal medicine is: toxic substances will be long-term in the body gradually accumulate, leading to cognitive impairment, the body hormonal imbalance, kidney deficiency, deficiency of Qi and blood, progesterone and estradiol serious bottom to normal levels, menstrual quantity is less and less, and even early menopause, sexual desire drops, heart disease, long-term insomnia, and infertility and other diseases. The sixty-five kind of herbs in China including herbs commonly used three seven, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum.

銆銆銆怱ingapore 銆奡ingapore United Morning Post銆 "reported in June 25, 2013"銆慖nternational environmental group Greenpeace yesterday released the latest survey report shows, Chinese medicine products nine Chinese Brand Company the most famous sampling of, containing a variety of pesticide residues, and European maximum residue standards exceed the standard 500 times. The famous Yunnan enterprises of traditional Chinese medicine honeysuckle also exceed the standard 100 times.