Australian Poon's Statement

    Tips: Australian Poon's all imported products from Australia, the label and the outer carton is written on my Australia Headquarters Website: www.australiapoons.com in a prominent position, if the customer does not buy the product at the Division I mark URL, then 100% of domestic counterfeit imitations. All companies in Australia will have a Website manufactured products, if not products website is by no means imported products in Australia, hereby alerts.

The solemn statement about "never shop sales" on the internet!
銆銆In recent years, Taobao website [Australian Poon's], [Poon's] information, product information and pictures are not the company put up, the information is some lawless elements home and peer through computer splicing from our company website to download the data and pictures in false propaganda, the purpose is through our company is a positive image in the domestic sales they forged high simulation of health care products and skin care products, if there is no informed customers buy the same with our product packaging products on the web, but one out, they can decamp, shirk responsibility, referred to our company.
銆銆Therefore, "Australian Poon's" the company to declare, Division I never shop selling products on Taobao, but will not engage in propaganda in the above, if customers buy similar to us and Australian product on the Internet, responsibility. In addition, some lawless elements and peer through a question and answer way to create false information, the purpose is to in the marketing costs are generated in the negative image of "Australian Poon's".

The solemn statement about "the fight against false shop, a branch"!
銆銆In recent years, found in Zhejiang Wenzhou some lawbreakers and [Australia Poon's Biotechnology Co., Ltd.], stealing our foreign information and data of illegal business fraud, to investment, financing, investment, Construction Bureau lure investors, and through the pyramid sales of counterfeit products, responsible for man and woman Dong wang. The company has nothing to do with this company, all promotional materials for stealing the money from being cheated, please be careful.
銆銆In view of the fact that in recent years many criminals to "Australia Poon's" product information and our information through illegal means of stealing and are spliced to upload their own shop, and designed to Division I at home stores, as well as [Australia], [Australia Poon's], false advertising sales of their own domestic modeled forged the so-called imported Australian health care products and cosmetics, a racketeer, the company solemn statement: the company has never put the data uploaded to the major domestic online shopping site for business promotion and sales of products, nor in China set up a branch, we have an office in Guangzhou, as I have division this propaganda or branch of criminals want to use our good brand "Pan Ao Kang" in the name of fraud, the consumer can site management office to subordinate or the relevant law enforcement departments report these illegal shop, careful hoodwinked! To understand the "Australia Poon's" real product information, please enter the regular web site: www.australiapoons.com or www. 娼樻皬婢冲悍.Com query.

How to shop on the true and false Australia imported products!
銆銆How to solve the online fake imported Australian products easily, because the production from the Australian plant products to Chinese consumers hands must go through the following process: Australian factory production product (AUD) - profits 100% (AUD) - Australian wholesaler profits ($80%) - Australia to China International freight costs $15 A and then converted into RMB (exchange rate 6.5, 10 Australian dollars to RMB 65) - Chinese tariffs of 10% and 17% of the value-added tax - Chinese importers 100% profit - online shop to 100% profit - consumers online buy commodity prices.
銆銆Therefore, you can get such a formula to turn it back to Australia factory cost, you can prove that you bought the product is true or false assumptions import imported products, online price of imported Australian liver tonic capsule 10500mg/365 particle charge is 380 yuan RMB, the formula is as follows: 銆380 / 2 / 2 / 1.17 divided by 1.1 / 6.5 / 1.8 / 2=3.15 Australian dollars銆 that is to say, the product you bought in Australia costs even cartons and bottles all add up the cost of only $3.15, if you believe that you can buy.

Please be careful to online Australian Poon's nominal sales of counterfeit products of the so-called australia!
銆銆In recent years, some lawbreakers challenges require our company to buy the positive news or online will be detrimental to our news, by the Division I sternly refused, please consumers careful hoodwinked! Another Division I never selling products online marketing, online shopping, refuse, join, seminars and other activities. Be careful to online Australian Poon's sales of counterfeit products of the so-called australia.

Why "Australian Poon's" not for sale on the internet!
Online shopping traps resulting in a large number of consumer disputes have ranked in the domestic consumer complaints first.
Online shopping fraud are as follows:
(1) did not receive ultra cheap goods, money has been paid.
(2) adults period found that buying a fake.
(3) a phishing site imitation payment company the failure message.
(4) the seller for the link was fishing website.
(5) after the goods are found not to meet the transaction.
(6) businessmen exaggerated propaganda withholding vital information.
(7) the false high price of remanufacturing discount illusion.
(8) and many other sites low suction gold after "evaporation".
(9) sell fake products or problem.
(10) expired unsold website refused to refund.
# Pin fees most at the expense of the due rights cost is too high and give up rights luck.