Australia Poon's Health Products FAQ (1)

Ask锛歁any products are said to be imported or processing, in fact, raw material supply and product
          areas are in China, you are the same? Factories Where?

Answer锛No, We have five major categories of products: health care products, skin care products, emu oil, essential oils, hairdressing hair series from production to the factory finished all completed in Australia, our factory in Sydney of australia. In the processing of Chinese, we never had the intention, because health care products and skin care products in this industry is very difficult to convince customers, processing how much material is really imported from abroad.

Ask锛歁any people doubt whether really have the effect of health care products, health products you
          have the effect?

Answer锛Health care is a kind of natural food, extraction from marine organisms and harmless to plants, it is between the drug and food in general, the health care products exactly have effect or no effect, or just like fruits and vegetables food supplements, depends entirely on the health care products inside the capsule extraction content is consistent with the absorption of standards body, and this standard must be the FDA to determine, namely 'medicine' health care products. Of course, I understand people of the desired effect, refers to the sub health condition can solve a problem by health care effect, however, at present a lot of people eat every day, health care products do not know what to eat is health food equivalent to fruit vegetables, content of about 500 mg, the government also for this class health care products regulations will not allow write function, it can be understood as this kind of health care products is not effective, every day take people just want to get a comfort and. The Australian drug administration according to the content of the different provisions of the two kinds of health care products: one is the "health food" is the "health food, health care products" brand, the other is "health products" must apply for Australian TGA SFDA 'medicine' before the sale, and after clinical detection, the content is accurate and must meet minimum standards, effective absorption of the human body, without any negative effect, this kind of health care products what you want Effect. Two types of health care products we have. You ask health products of our company have the effect, if it is a healthy food for us is not the effect you want, it takes a long time to eat, just ordinary food, if it is our high content drug efficacy of health care products, there is. In fact, the food content of different effect produced is different, I for example, have both said ginseng is good, they are eating ginseng, Mr A is to buy a ginseng, Mr B is to buy a cup of tea, they get the effect is not the same, so you want to. Fruit, first you have to see the content, instead of only one party is willing to seek theoretical results.

Ask锛欻ow to take the effect of health care products can achieve the best effect?
Answer锛Taking the effect of health care products is the best multiple variety, a lot of sub-health symptoms require many different varieties use, single species taking difficult to achieve the ideal effect.

Ask锛歒our health product safety? Why to choose the 'effect health care medicine'?
Answer锛Australia TGA food and drug administration is the world's most stringent count as one of the very best of the Ministry of health, the hair of the 'medicine' we can demonstrate effectiveness of health care products is very safe. As for the second question, don't know if you have seen the February 23, 2008 Guangzhou daily interview on the Nutrition Department of Guangzhou No.1 People's Hospital, content is this: "a lot of people think, nutrition is not medicine, it does not require a choice selection of drugs so cautious, however, currently on the market the nutrition a multitude of names, uneven, some good and some bad, 'buy health products or drug name' the most trustworthy, 'drug brands' products are through clinical trials, can provide effective safety to human body, evidence, and the' name 'and' authorized 'products only theory effectively, even the most health care products under the banner of' natural 'banner, in order to achieve the effect of adding drugs actually. Therefore, the Guangzhou No.1 People's Hospital nutrition department advice: try to choose 'health care medicine shop'...".

Ask锛欼 have two unknown, first, 'medicine' products is not the drug? Second, as far as I know, most of
          the capsule, the maximum net weight can put into the 500mg - 1000mg about the material, and
          the content of your products are higher than the actual capacity of capsule, which is what?

Answer锛Intermediate medicine drug 'medicine' Australian TGA FDA and health care products have an English capital letters is different, the drug R word, health product is L word. Drug product, all have an effect on the human health products and efficacy of skin care products (such as removing acne, skin repair class, etc.) must be applied for GA 'medicine', in addition to drug product R word containing ingredients, efficacy and health products L word is not medicine, but must pass through the TGA food and Drug Administration clinical test, to prove its effective components, and taking effective conforms to the human body, taking safety and does not produce any negative effects. On the second question, the Australian TGA food and Drug Administration approved 'medicine' effectiveness of health care products is the use of the latest technology of the high temperature drying technology is refined.

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